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Updated February 23, 2012 at 08:01 PM EST
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Ever since Fringe‘s beginning, the tangled mythology has been unraveled at a pace synonymous with genre TV — most “answers” lead to more questions. Friday’s episode of Fringe, ominously titled “The End of All Things,” is one such milestone in the show’s history.

“It’s definitely, as they say, a game-changer in that our characters learn a lot more and the audience is going to learn a lot more about the über-plot of the season’s bad guy, David Robert Jones (Jared Harris),” executive producer Jeff Pinkner said today in a conference call with reporters. The episode also finds the Observer (Michael Cerveris) peeling “back some layers about what his agenda has been and use that as an opportunity to revisit the things on the show we’ve seen before.”

Cryptic? You bet. But worth the buildup, he claimed. “It’s the 14th out of 22 episodes and it’s very much an episode that’s going to launch us into the back half of the episodes.”

Meanwhile, fellow executive producer Joel Wyman was excited to talk about the episode that will air in March following the show’s monthlong break, called “A Short Story About Love,” a title that may make a lot of sense after viewers see this week’s episode. The installment marks Wyman’s directing debut. “It’s an episode that’s really close to me. It’s about love and all the great things that we talk about on Fringe,” he said. “To us, it’s the perfect version of what a Fringe [episode] is because it has a great, terrifying element to it that is very Fringe-y. At the same time it has this incredible love story aspect with things that people are going to be very excited for, we believe, as far as the relationships on the show.”

Meanwhile, the pair also said an eventual return is not out of the question for Kirk Acevedo, who played Charlie Francis, but there is “nothing definitive yet” — which also happens to be the case of the show’s oft-discussed renewal chances.

“We will find out like everybody else,” said Wyman. “We don’t fret about it because it’s really out of our control. We can only step back and do our work and therein lies the path to serenity. We’re hoping for the best.”

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