Hollie Cavanagh has been American Idol‘s kept woman of season 11. The 18-year-old first auditioned in Austin last season — anyone else remember the AGONIZING COMMERCIAL-BREAK CLIFFHANGER they used to heighten the drama on little Hollie’s near-nervous breakdown and subsequent shot at a second song? It’s one of their favorite tricks! So I was shocked the producers didn’t trot out last year’s footage once the tiny blonde sprite was finally shown tonight. The Voice of Ryan even said “Her Idol journey began in Galveston…”

So weird! They usually love it when the saplings come crawling back. Do they not want us to remember that she once cried? Watch Hollie’s season 10 audition and triumphant season 11 return here.

Hollie Cavanagh’s season 10 ‘Idol’ audition:

Hollie Cavanagh, Shelby Tweten, and Ariel Sprague face season 11’s final judgment:

She’s looking so much more confident these days. I guess she’s gone through “The Change”!

Are you as into her (British accent) as I am?

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