Abby Elliott
Credit: Getty Images

Saturday Night Live cast member Abby Elliott is near a deal for the lead role in a Fox comedy pilot.

Elliott is set to star in the network’s Ben Fox is My Manny. The story, created by Couples Retreat feature writer Dana Fox, is about an uptight single mother (Elliott) and her laid-back brother who move in together to raise a child (Maggie Jones).

The larger question is: What does this mean for Elliott’s future on SNL?

We’re hearing that part of the deal is still being finalized.

Typically a pre-committed actor will be in “second position” when cast in a pilot — meaning they can only appear in the new show if the option on their current series is not picked up. Fox isn’t fond of accepting actors in second position, however. One source claims SNL chief Lorne Michaels has agreed to let Elliott (who’s the daughter of SNL alum Chris Elliott) out of her contract requirements to take the role should the Fox project receive a series order, but that has not been confirmed.

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