A Good Day to Die Hard is still the incredible title of the fourth Die Hard sequel, currently scheduled to become next year’s most divisive date movie with a Valentine’s Day 2013 release date. We already knew that Di5 H5rd would feature Bruce Willis’ beleaguered John McClane exported to Moscow for some post-Soviet shenanigans. Now, EW has confirmed that 20th Century Fox has officially cast McClane’s new sidekick: Jai Courtney, the Australian actor and possible missing Hemsworth brother who’s best known on these shores for his role as Varro in Spartacus, will play McClane’s estranged son Jack. (That’s Courtney screen-testing with Bruce Willis in the image above.) It’ll be a busy February for Courtney, who will also be appearing opposite Tom Cruise in the Lee Child’s adaptation One Shot.

Although the plot of A Good Day to Five Hard is still under wraps, a press release from Fox claims that the two McClane’s will work together to keep the world “safe for democracy,” which is of course what the Die Hard franchise has always been about, metaphorically.

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