As that countdown clock clicks louder and louder in the heads of excited Hunger Games fans, there’s something to alleviate the anxiety of waiting for March 23: Advance tickets go on sale… tomorrow. As in, tomorrow tomorrow. (Let’s all be grateful it’s online, otherwise the box office at your local theater might look a little bit like the Arena.)

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, exactly 30 days before The Hunger Games hits the big screen (and the really, really big screen if you choose to see it in IMAX),,, and will begin selling tickets for the movie/event. And speaking of IMAX, there’s a new poster that’s been released that touts that the world will be watching in an enormous theater. (And, in turn, will likely go deaf. Worth it.) While it’s not terribly different from the last poster, in which Jennifer Lawrence’s skilled Katniss was taking aim with her trusty bow and arrow, in the words of Barney Stinson, it’s still going to be legen…

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