As if the real-life crimes featured on Criminal Minds weren’t enough to give you a scare, the show has lined up a former nightmare stalker and an ex-vampire for guest spots in the show’s 19th episode, to be directed by series star Matthew Gray Gubler.

EW has learned exclusively that Robert Englund, known best for his turn as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, is set to play Det. Gassner, who helps the team at the BAU with a case involving a string of ritualistic murders in Oregon. And Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Juliet Landau (that’s Drusilla to you Whedonites) will play the ghost (yes, a ghost) of a former actress named Catherine Heathridge, who had a psychotic break as a young woman.

Sound crazy? We’d expect nothing less with Gubler as director — and couldn’t be more excited. This is Gubler’s third outing as director for the series, and his episode is set to air in spring.

Englund has made his rounds on TV in the past few years, making appearances on Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, Bones and Chuck. Landau, meanwhile, whose fellow Buffy alum Nicholas Brendon has appeared several times on Criminal Minds as Garcia’s boyfriend, has voiced characters on a number of animated series.

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