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Two more actors will be joining the posse on bin Laden’s trail.

The Oscar-winning duo behind The Hurt Locker, director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, will soon begin shooting their film about the takedown of the elusive terrorist leader, and they’re adding a few more names to the cast, according to sources close to the film.

One is known for her grace and strength under pressure, and another for absorbing ferocious punishment…

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Jennifer Ehle, who attempted to stop a pandemic as a quick-thinking researcher in Contagion, is now on board to help rid the world of another pestilence as part of the team targeting the al-Qaeda founder.

That makes two very kickass female characters who are part of the ensemble, with The Tree of Life‘s Jessica Chastain already signed on to play another.

Ehle, 42, previously co-starred as George Clooney’s wife in The Ides of March and played Elizabeth to Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy in the 1995 miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice.

It’s unclear what specific role she will play in the bin Laden project. Ehle has been rumored as a part of the project, though Bigelow has declined to confirm anyone in the cast.

Another cast member being added is Nash Edgerton, 39. The Australian stuntman and actor will play a Navy SEAL, according to a source. His brother, Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdon), has already signed on to play another role in the film.

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Nash Edgerton has been a stuntman on The Matrix films and the Star Wars prequels, and recently starred in (and directed and co-wrote) the darkly comic short film Bear, which played the recent Sundance Film Festival (and featured him first boring, then scaring, his long-suffering girlfriend, which leads her into serious trouble.)

Other actors reportedly involved in the project include The Wire‘s Idris Elba, Friday Night Light‘s Kyle Chandler, Edgar Ramirez (who played the infamous terrorist known as The Jackal in the epic miniseries Carlos), Inception‘s Tom Hardy, Chris Pratt (TV’s Parks and Recreation), L.A. Confidential‘s Guy Pearce, and Mark Strong (Kick-Ass).

Sony Pictures plans to release the as-yet untitled bin Laden movie on Dec. 19, 2012.

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