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Updated December 20, 2019 at 08:36 AM EST
Tim DeKay
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Tim DeKay was a little surprised when he first learned he’d be directing “Stealing Home,” Tuesday’s episode of White Collar. It was a chance he’d always wanted and he was ready for the challenge (having already stood behind the camera on some short films). But there was one thing he wasn’t expecting: having to helm an episode that heavily featured his character, Peter Burke.

“I was surprised!” he says. “I wasn’t as heavy in the one prior… but I didn’t think Peter would be as heavy in this episode.” The curve ball took a little extra maneuvering, but in the end, he was greatly pleased with the result.

In the episode, Peter and Neal (Matt Bomer) find themselves tasked with taking down a con man who is attempting to burgle a priceless baseball artifact from the new Yankee Stadium. The case brings out a side of Peter rarely seen: He’s beside himself with excitement. “Normally, Peter is a bit more of a fatherly role to Neal but in this particular episode Neal had to calm Peter down. But it’s great because moments like that show the relationship between Peter and Neal in such a loving way,” says DeKay.

Meanwhile, Neal’s impending commutation hearing looms over the pair, with Peter trying to decide whether or not he should vouch for his friend, who, DeKay points out, is also a criminal. “The audience sees that we love each other, so [they say] ‘Help him out!'” says DeKay. “What they haven’t seen is all the crimes Neal has committed.”

Find out how it all works out Tuesday night on USA, and click below for more from DeKay.

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