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Blink while laughing way too hard during Maya Rudolph's Saturday Night Live hosting duties last night and you might have missed it: During commercial break, the show announced that Lindsay Lohan would host the sketch comedy show March 3, alongside musical guest Jack White. It's an interesting development in the actress' career — Lohan doesn't have any projects to promote (having been forced to drop out of Inferno in 2010 following her substance abuse problems), but she does have a good image to promote. After all, Lohan seems poised for a personal comeback, having so far impressed the Los Angeles court system while on strict probation.

But should a stint hosting SNL expedite a career comeback for Lohan, who most recently made headlines for posing for Playboy? The actress has had an interesting history with the sketch comedy show — she hosted three times in the mid-2000s, and found an ally in head writer Tina Fey, who starred with Lohan in Mean Girls. And SNL's cast and crew seemed to be the only people committed to support Lohan when her career began to falter — even when rumors began circling in 2005 that Lohan was headed down the wrong path, the sketch show helped her downplay her problems via a monologue featuring "The Ghost of Lindsay Future." (A sketch that, read seven years later, rings far too true for comfort.) And while, years later, late night talk show hosts had a field day teasing Lohan about her multiple arrests and substance abuse issues, SNL stayed mum — Lorne Michaels was rumored to be too fond of the actress to make fun of her during trying times.

But it seems Michaels is still fond enough about the actress to let her make fun of herself during her SNL stint. (When has a performer with so little on his/her plate been invited on the show?) Will we see a return of a hopefully more well-adjusted Ghost of Lindsay Future in her monologue? SNL could just prove to be the perfect place for Lohan to launch a career comeback, especially since her attempts thus far (Inferno, Ugly Betty, Playboy) have only led to more ridicule. This time, Lohan will be able to be in on the joke.

At the very least, can we get Rachel Dratch back in Studio 8H with Lohan for another Debbie Downer sketch?

PopWatchers, looking forward to seeing Lohan make fun of herself on Saturday Night Live?

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