By Dalton Ross
Updated February 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST


You know all is right in the world when Donald Trump is bragging about his good friend Diddy and Captain Sulu is making googly eyes at The Incredible Hulk. You know that you are watching The Celebrity Apprentice. That’s right, Trump and his merry band of quasi-famous faces have returned, with one contestant already being booted from the show. My full recap of the premiere will be up at 2am (UPDATE: Click to see Dalton’s Celebrity Apprentice season premiere recap), but if you’ve already watched tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice and want to sound off on what happened and who went home, then read on after the jump for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you’ve already watched Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice.]

Tasked with selling sandwiches for charity, the men’s team (dubbed Unanimous) did whatever it took to win. And apparently what it took was Lou Ferrigno going shirtless, Clay Aiken allowing a half-naked women to shower him with money, and the dude with the handlebar mustache from American Chopper finding one sucker very charitable person to buy a single sandwich for $305,000. The women’s team, led by a Venezuelan model I’ve never heard of, never had a chance, even though they too broke the record for most money earned on a first task. Along the way, George Takei was called meek, Wyclef stopped by to duet with Debbie Gibson, and Donald Trump mocked some other Venezuelan hottie for having the gall to date someone who was not rich. In all, brilliance. But someone from the ladies team (named Forte) had to be fired, and that someone was Cheryl “Don’t You Dare Make Me Say Something Interesting on Television” Tiegs.

Was Trump right to fire Tiegs over Victoria Gotti? (Of course he was! He’s always right!) Whom are you loving and loathing so far? Hit the message boards and let us know, and then check back later for the full recap. And for more Celebrity Apprentice news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.