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The Walking Dead returned this past Sunday and promptly broke cable ratings records…again. And while hero Rick Grimes may have shot down two shady individuals in a saloon, the man who plays him, Andrew Lincoln, tells us that threat may be far from over. It’s an undead explosion as Lincoln joins zombie aficionado Clark Collis and yours truly on the latest addition of the InsideTV Podcast. What does Lincoln think of complaints that the search for Sophia took too long? Why was he itching to start shooting people again? And how come he is telling us that “I spent most of my first 10 years with my ass out”?

Not only that, but Lincoln teases us on what we can expect coming up on the show in the weeks ahead. “There is a resolution to the love triangle,” the actor reveals about the Rick–Lori–Shane relationship. And people who said the first half of the season moved too slow will be overjoyed to hear Lincoln’s promise that, “There’s more blood, there’s more action, there’s more zombies. And not everybody gets out alive.” But will Lincoln make it out of the room alive without telling us what the hell was whispered into his ear at the CDC?

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