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Hi, gang.

I know you’re eager to get on to the scoop so you can get back to working on that oil painting of us together, so I’ll make this intro quick: Here’s your scoop!

Not pleased? Send me your questions. (I’m not a mind-reader!) E-mail is And thanks to everyone who has been sending them in. I read every single one and enjoy your thoughts, questions, honesty, and wit! How’s that for flattery? And I mean it all — I swear, it’s not just because I want you to follow me on Twitter. (Or…):


On Tuesday, following How I Met Your Mother’s buzzy latest episode, I hopped on the phone with executive producer Craig Thomas to get you dish on what’s coming up for Robin and Ted, following Ted’s big love confession at the end of the installment. But what I didn’t mention in that piece is the fun in store for another couple whose flame was lit Monday night: Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Quinn (Becky Newton). Well, wait no longer.

The pair’s “enigmatic” relationship will begin to heat up in two weeks with an episode called “Karma,” according to Thomas, who says that’s when we’ll finally see Barney pine after a girl in a way we’ve seen many long for him over the years. “Barney hasn’t felt this way about a woman since Robin; he hasn’t been this intrigued,” Thomas says. “So this is Barney getting back out there.” But it won’t be so easy, since Quinn definitely has the upper hand in the situation.

In case it wasn’t clear, she works at the exact strip club that Barney frequents. “We don’t do it all that often — give the audience knowledge that the characters don’t have yet. So now the audience knows there’s this secret about this character and we’re going to see Barney learn about that secret,” Thomas says. “It’s great to see a character give Barney a run for his money and throw him a little bit and get in his head. And it was a fun reveal that she’s a stripper because she was playing a little high-and-mighty with him. It’s fun to realize she has him so cracked and knows him that well because she’s glimpsed him at the strip club that he goes to and he doesn’t realize it. He’s never seen her there, but she’s seen him and knows who he is. She’s not purely a psychic in her dissection of Barney.”

Newton will be with the show through the end of the season, appearing in five of seven remaining episodes. Beyond that, Thomas couldn’t say with certainty whether she’d appear in the next season. (He, fellow EP Carter Bays, and writer-producer Chris Harris have cast her in their pilot for Fox.) But he did tease, “Quinn is very important to this season and possibly beyond…. There’s a season 8, and I don’t want to confirm or deny, but she definitely could be a part of that season, too.”


Having just wrapped filming on their first season finale, the folks on Suburgatory have a lot to celebrate. Solid ratings. A loyal following. And being home to one of this season’s newest and most surprisingly earnest will-they-or-won’t-they couples. Admittedly, I didn’t see my love for Dallas (Cheryl Hines) and George (Jeremy Sisto) coming after watching the pilot many months ago. But in the episodes that have followed, they’ve definitely grown into a favorite, which is why my heart clenched a little when I learned a while back that not only would Dallas be “dipping her toe” into the dating world, but that George would be finding love with Alicia Silverstone.

Luckily, executive producer Emily Kapnek put me at ease this week when we hopped on the phone to talk about the rest of the season, starting with next week’s episode, which marks the start of Dallas’ post-divorce dating life (with Wilmer Valderrama!). “It’s really fun to watch George have to take in Dallas’ new dating life, and it brings some interesting feelings to the surface for him. He hasn’t really wrapped his head around what he feels for Dallas. He’s really close to her and feels very connected and that’s clear. And the audience knows Dallas has a fixation with George, but after the Christmas episode, she felt a little shot down. So now, she keeps a stiff upper lip about it all,” she says.

Given that Valderrama is only around for one episode, you can gather things don’t work out between Dallas and her new squeeze, leading to a bit of a depression era for the usually plucky mom. “That’s a new feeling for her, but George, again is there for her,” says Kapnek. “That’s a fantastic episode called ‘Down Time,’ where Dalia ends up seeing a therapist and Dallas and George connect over what it means to be a single parent. And that bonding over the issues helps create a basis for their relationship and deepens their ties with each other.”

But will Silverstone’s appearance in the next few episodes (and possibly next season!) throw a wrench in those plans? More scoop on Suburgatory next week!

NEXT: NCIS: LA, Cougar Town, Smash, and more!


Kensi Blye is about to go on an intense emotional journey that’s so big, NCIS: L.A. needed two episodes to tell it.

The first part of the double ep, airing Feb. 21, finds Kensi suspected of murder when a man who was once on her father’s sniper team turns up dead — with much of the evidence pointing to her. “She’s determined to prove her dad’s death was a murder and not an accident, which you will then see if that’s the case or not,” previews Ruah. “She’s angry. She’s very angry about her father’s death. He was the man in her life and we also have a little surprise with another family member of hers, which I won’t say who it is. But there’s big turmoil in her life, and I think she’s close to getting what she wants and suddenly there’s interference.”

Becoming the center of this investigation leaves Kensi feeling “isolated,” says Ruah, despite her team’s support, and she struggles to keep her head straight. “She’s definitely confused when she’s given certain news in the beginning and she tries to put it together — she’s still an agent no matter what. She wants to crack the case. But at the same time, she’s extremely emotionally attached to this case, which can cloud your judgment sometimes,” she says. “There’s a very fine line between an assassin and someone who kills as an agent. There’s a fine line between revenge and doing something you have to do. She’s definitely put to the test with those two things.”

And in case you needed confirmation (this is, after all, an NCIS: L.A. two-parter), here it is: “Part 1 ends with something shocking,” she teases. And she’s not saying what it is.

Want more? Come back to Inside TV on Tuesday for more from Ruah, including a fun exclusive photo you won’t see anywhere else.


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Cougar Town’s back in action and I couldn’t be happier. But between the ratings and the fewer episodes this season, I’m worried that it’s not looking good for a possible season 4. Thoughts? — Vanessa

As executive producer Bill Lawrence told me earlier this week, we should not rush to judgment based on week 1’s ratings. And regarding the reduced episodes, don’t think the ideas that the writing team created to fulfill their initial order are gone forever. In fact, Lawrence is excited about bringing those ideas back should they have a season 4. “We’ve got episodes we can use even though [Jules and Grayson] may or may not be married by the end of the season,” he said. “There [might be] a big change in the dynamic, but I feel like it’s a hangout show and the type of show that’s not really full of conflict or people not liking each other. I feel like friendships and relationships are not really at risk when they get mad at each other…. So there are a lot of really good stories we’re psyched to do.”

We saw in the premiere that Jules and Grayson are engaged. ‘Bout time! And we know there’s going to be a wedding. Please tell me they’re actually going to get married, though. — Jessica W.

That’s a central mystery they’re playing up, so I can’t say for sure. Instead, I’ll let Bill Lawrence give you a little assurance. “I’m only good at writing about things I actually know. And I think writing about marriage and the conflicts of a relationship when you’re finally in the same home and living on top of each other — those are the stories I want to tell. I don’t think I can do will-they/won’t-they anymore and certainly not with people in their 40s. I’m excited to write about adult relationships. I’m very old. I have boyish bangs, but I’m an old man.”

After Tuesdays episode of Parenthood, I need to see the aftermath of the Bob Little and Amber storyline! Jonathan Tucker is so adorable, please tell me he’s not going anywhere! — Stefanie

I know that it’s a tricky situation with them. I’ve always felt conflicted on it, even just myself, from the beginning. I’m like, well, Bob is a great guy. He’s great for her, he recognizes that she’s really a great, smart girl, and really cares about her. But it’s tricky, working with your boss, and also he’s older. It’s a hard situation to actually have a plausible relationship in, so I don’t know if she’s going to be able to balance that. She’s going to have to start making some difficult decisions.

Sandra, I feel like a crazy person whenever I scour the NBC and EW websites for indication that Parenthood has been renewed for a fourth season. Did this happen and I’m simply obtuse? Or has it not happened yet, and if so, when can we expect to know?! I’d appreciate any scoop you have! Thanks. — Maria Garnett (Bryan, Texas)

No fourth season…yet, according to Peter Krause. “I’m confident we’ll have a fourth season, and [Peter and Crosby will] still be at the Luncheonette, recording music,” he told EW on set earlier this week. To understand the latter part of that quote, you have to watch Tuesday’s episode, which throws some curve balls at the pair and their current business plans.

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LOVING Smash! But I HATE how Ivy slept her way to the role. Tell me she breaks it off with that awful man! — Sharon

I can tell you that…but it’d be a lie. The two continue to get hot and heavy, but that’s not to say Ivy (Megan Hilty) won’t begin to have her doubts about him in upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, Karen (Katharine McPhee) will soon have a new person in her life — several, in fact: Her fellow chorus members, who take her under their wing when she joins their ranks. Yay, bonding!

Have any good scoop about what’s coming up on Grimm?? — Stacie

Next week’s Fight Club-esque episode is apparently a real goodie (or “big, bad, and dangerous,” as EP David Greenwalt recently told me). But but I’m especially excited about the March 2 episode because it “gets deeper into the mythology than other episodes,” according to fellow EP Jim Kouf.

NEXT: NCIS: LA, Cougar Town, Smash, and more!

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Hi Sandra! I’m concerned for Jane and the gang on The Mentalist. Cho may be abusing painkillers, Rigsby knocked up a woman he doesn’t love, and Van Pelt is angry all the time! Is the team falling apart? Can you put my mind at ease? Thanks! — Stevie

Well, I can tell you this much: they’re not letting it get in the way of their job. In the upcoming March 8 episode, they work together to solve a case involving a young woman who was killed after meeting someone in an online chat room. (You’d think people would learn to stay away from those by now!) Meanwhile, Jane (Simon Baker) is going to help Agent Darcy (Catherine Dent) investigate a homicide — even though he thinks she has ulterior motives.

Anything to report on Blue Bloods? Danny scoop would be great, but I’ll take anything, really! — Kelsey

I have some news on the Reagan household: It’s war! Sami Gayle, who plays Erin’s (Bridget Moynahan) daughter Nicki, reports that fireworks will soon erupt between the teen and her mother. “My character is going to go to war with her mother soon, which should be interesting,” Gayle says. “She’s also got a huge surprise episode that’s going to air in probably two or three weeks. I can’t really say what that is yet but it’s going to be pretty amazing so I’m very excited. [It’s] something that Len Cariou [who plays grandpa Henry Reagan] and I have collaborated on for the show, so it’s great.” Teens keep secrets? Say it ain’t so!

New Girl is my current favorite show. I’d love some scoop on Jess and the boys. — Robyn

Remember how Jess couldn’t even say the word “penis” earlier this season? Well, imagine her discomfort when she finds herself fielding awkward sex questions from a student, who also later reveals that she’s madly in love with Nick. A teacher’s work is never done… (Just to be clear, the student isn’t having sex with Nick. I wanted to clear that up before this all headed into creepy, Lifetime-movie-of-the-week territory.)

Fairly Legal starts back up soon and I haven’t heard a peep outta you! A little dish? — Laura G.

You already know that Ryan Johnson is joining the cast as Ben Grogan, an ambulance chaser who joins the firm, much to the displeasure of Kate (Sarah Shahi). But what you haven’t learned yet is how great this pair’s chemistry is! But we’ll chat about that more after the March 16 premiere. I can add, however, that something very important to Sarah will go up in flames by the end of the new episode — literally.

I was alone on Valentine’s Day, and some scoop on Hawaii 5-0 would put me in a great mood. Help a lonely girl out! (Is my pity party working?) — Jodi

Apparently so! An upcoming episode toward the end of the season will find the team investigating the murders of some women who abandoned their newborns. It’s said to be a pretty eerie episode. Looking for something a little cheerier? Judging by the first photo of James Caan’s Feb. 27 appearance on the show (yup, that’s star Scott Caan’s pa, young ‘uns!), that episode looks like a hoot.

Any fun to report coming up on Happy Endings? — Serena

How about a six-word tease: Take me out to the ballgame.

White Collar scoop, please! — Rachel

Well, we know the finale is going to center around Peter having to make the decision as to whether Neal gets his ankle monitor removed. And while Neal’s fate is yet unknown, there’s one decision Tim DeKay needed little time to ponder when he stopped by the EW offices: Whether he’d follow in pal and costar Matt Bomer’s footsteps and guest star on Glee! “Oh, I would love to be on Glee. I don’t know what I would do on that because I’m not the best dancer. I can sing, somewhat. But I’d love to do some scenes with Jane Lynch because Jane and I have worked together in the past. I’d love to do a fight scene with her!” he says excitedly. “I’m going to put that out there: I challenge you, Jane Lynch. I want to do a fight scene with you. And then maybe have us make up after.” Of Bomer’s upcoming stint, though, DeKay says confidently, “He’s going to be fantastic.”

Sandra, I’m still ecstatic about the news that Sean Astin is guesting on NCIS. Any more info on his role? Any fun scenes you can tease? — Courtney

Here’s a doozy: EP Gary Glasberg kinda let it slip that there may be more than one episode in Astin’s future! “He’ll be a fun add for the rest of the season,” Glasberg told me — to which I responded, “What the what?! As in MORE than one?” “We’ll see how it works out, but it may be more than one episode,” he added. For the record — and if it means anything — I vote yes!

Okay, I’ve asked for some good NCIS scoop countless times (and in vain) and yet all that’s published is that Tony-Ziva-Gibbs-gueststar-c— I’m so sick and tired of. Can you please give me something on McGee and/or Abby? They’ve been so shamefully neglected in both your spoilers and the show, if it’s not your fault can you please kick the writers’ a–es to get them back on track again and tell them we want to see some proper Tim and Abby stuff?

Don’t look at the two questions above you! I’m not sure I’m prepared to have fruit (or something worse…) thrown at my face. But, luckily, I think you’ll be pleased with a little Abby-related nugget I got from Michael Weatherly, which will be featured in Monday’s Spoiler Room: Video Edition. But I agree, the show could always use more Abby!

I’ve really loved everything you posted from your visit to Atlanta. But I’m hoping you got SOMETHING on Alaric while there because [last night’s] cliff-hanger was intense. They’re not killing off Alaric, right? Hoping for good news… — Adriana

Well, when I spoke with Matt Davis on set, they were in the process of filming episode [CAN’T SAY], but perhaps this rough-cut video of our interview will provide a little insight. Quick summary for those who can’t watch the video I’ve embedded: Davis wanted a juicy arc for Alaric, and he’s got one! But whether or not last night’s episode is the beginning or end of said arc, is the question… (Also, if you use context clues, it’s probably not that hard to figure out what episode they are filming, but you might have to put some pieces together from my past reports from the set. I mean, I could just tell you. But that’s no fun.)

(Meeta Agrawal, Shaunna Murphy, Nuzhat Naoreen, and Darren Franich contributed to this column.)

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