By Lynette Rice
Updated February 17, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
Adam Taylor/ABC

It’s crossed the minds of every Dancing with the Stars fan, especially over the last two seasons: Is it time for Maksim Chermkovskiy to go?

He certainly didn’t endear himself to the judges last season when he made arrogant quips to Len Goodman about how the elder statesman should leave the ballroom — all while claiming that “this is my show, you know.” Even some fans turned on the hot-headed Ukrainian-American when he was filmed striking partner Hope Solo during a rehearsal. An exasperated Solo responded by saying, “would you stop being you?”

Chermkovskiy has also hinted in seasons past that maybe the time has come to search for greener pastures (or better partners), which has fueled speculation that maybe his days on the show are numbered. So what will happen come March 19? As is usually the case, the DWTS producers won’t reveal which pros will return for the 14th (!!) season until they announce the latest round of celebrities. (That happens Feb. 28 on Good Morning America.). Since we can’t wait until then, we’ve decided to give five reasons why we’d like to see Maks stay for as long as the show lasts. And the reasons are…

Adam Taylor/ABC

1. Because he’s (almost) an original member of the show. Viewers love continuity, and they get that from Chermkovskiy, who joined DWTS in season two as the pro assigned to Tia Carrere. They came in sixth place (but his long hair deserved a special prize of its own).

2. He’s freaking hot. About 98 percent of what makes DWTS so much fun to watch is the scantily clad beauty on display — and when we say scantily clad beauty, we’re talking about those much-appreciated nights when Chermkovskiy chucks the shirts and wears the tightest pair of pants from the show’s giant and very sparkly wardrobe.

3. He’s yet to win a mirror ball trophy. No pro worth his salt should have to leave the show without having earned the grand prize. He came close twice — first with Mel B during season 5 (when many folks thought he wuz robbed) and again in season 12 with Kirstie Alley. Which brings us to why we think…

4. He’s a dang good teacher. Okay, so maybe he and Solo didn’t get along so well, but Chermovskiy can still make magic happen with those amateurs. His greatest triumph was Alley, who went through a huge transformation in season 12 despite having suffered one snafu after another on that oh-so-slippery dance floor. (Remember how Carrie Ann Inaba called her the Queen of the Unexpected Mishap?). It helped that Alley had lots of charisma, but she didn’t learn to move like that on Veronica’s Closet.

And our No. 1 reason for keeping that little devil around is…

No. 1 He makes for great TV. Love or hate that major ego of his, but his tiff was Goodman was the highlight of the season and became a delicious running joke; David Arquette even made light of it when he was ousted from the show. But the yuks were never meant to be nasty; they came from a place of affection for a hot-tempered guy who lights up the floor whenever he takes it.

So don’t ever leave us, Maks: The ballroom would never be the same without you.