By Marc Snetiker
Updated February 15, 2012 at 05:50 PM EST
Credit: Jack English

Tinker, tailor, sold! Well, not yet. The eyeglasses worn by Gary Oldman in his Oscar-nominated performance from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy have been donated for a charity auction through CharityBuzz, which will run from now through Feb. 27.

The chunky black frames, which the auction estimates are worth $500, were a hotly discussed set of sartorial specs. According to a press release, “Mr. Oldman conferred with director Tomas Alfredson and costume designer Jacqueline Durran over just which would be the right pair of glasses for [Oldman’s character George] Smiley to wear throughout.”

Personally, they remind me of the Old Navy lady more than anything — but to each his own oculars, I say. I’d opt instead for some other well-known face-windows: Harry Potter’s signature rims; Atticus Finch’s scholarly lenses; Clark Kent’s “I’m wearing these ironically” hipster blinkers; and dare I even add Dame Edna’s monstrous pince-nez ridiculata?

PopWatchers, whose memorable bifocals would make you reach for your wallet? Woody Allen? The Terminator? Neo? Austin Powers? Kanye West? Sir Elton John? Professor McGonagall? Maverick from Top Gun? Cyclops from X-Men? Mr. Peabody and Sherman? Please someone say Mr. Peabody and Sherman!

Sound off in the comments! And feel free to add your own way of saying the word “glasses,” since I’m already up to 11.

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