Fresh off her Grammy win (yes, that happened), yet another awesome Super Bowl commercial, and a SAG victory, a ravishing-in-red Betty White stopped by The Late Late Show last night. She announced her plan to “marry into money” before popping the question to Craig “Gaylord Fanny” Ferguson himself. Of course, all that was only after making a joke that she had nipple rings. All in a day’s work for White! So was it a Yes? See the full video below.

Alas, Ferguson had to turn down White’s proposal because he’s been married for three years. Then again, if anyone can make polyandry legit, it’s Betty White. White didn’t take the rejection well, flashing a bit of “Don’t cross me or I’ll cut you” fire in her rejoinder that Ferguson was a “candy ass.” Oh, but that just made us embrace her even more! Who doesn’t love a cursing grandma?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is there anything Betty White can’t do (other than marry Ferguson, apparently…)? First we need to get her in Andy Cohen’s Bravo Clubhouse to prove it empirically (sorry, DanRad, you’re about to be replaced), then we need to launch a full-frontal EGOT campaign. She’s halfway there with her Emmy and Grammy, and we still have 11 days until the Oscars. Write-in campaign! With four months until the Tonys, White could knock that baby out by July. You in?

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