“I am the next American Idol because I got something ain’t nobody got,” announced the (overbearingly?) quirky Reed Grimm, 26, before settling in on the Hollywood Week stage to begin the episode’s 78th cover of Ray Charles’ “Georgia on my Mind.” What had Reed got? A special “GrooveSauce”? An impressive music collection of exclusively TV theme song CDs and movie soundtracks?

No! I mean, yes on the latter for sure, but what Reed wanted to pull out of his underwear tee and lord over the others was his impression of Animal from the Muppets.

Watch Reed wail on the drums here:

He had planned on singing a cappella, but doomsday gargoyle Nigel Lythgoe was like, “No. Cue music from the Idol band!” at the last minute. So after a brief coaching session and multiple calls to his mom, Reed Grimm decided to play those drums out of nowhere! (I suspect this was his plan all along, but just go with it.)

As he started playing, Randy nodded to his confidant J. Lo, “That’s another Casey there” (which was subtitled for your pleasure). The first guy to flash across my mind was season 9’s Casey James — just because I’m still embarrassed that I kept calling him “Casey Jones” in so many first drafts of so many blog items that year. But obviously Randy meant season 10’s now-beardless Casey Abrams — king of bass, scat, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease awareness.

Hmmm….would we call this guy the next Casey? I much prefer Mr. Abrams so far. I’m still not sure I’m on board with Mr. Grimm’s aggressive quirkiness, and people who boast that they have “always lived on the stage” scare me. When do they eat?

His other auditions were the Family Matters theme song and “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka, both of which I’ve always found to be amazing songs — so seriously what is wrong with me that I don’t love him? What about you? If you were annoyed by Reed Grimm before, did your annoyance wash away after tonight’s impromptu drumming?

I can see the ladies loving this one, so Mr. Grimm (I must keep calling him that) is here to stay.

Stay tuned for my full American Idol recap overnight. Update: Here it is!

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