Just let the above screengrab wash over you for a second: It’s simply sickening Sharon Needles realness from last night’s new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, titled “Glamazons vs. Champions.”

Be honest: Have you ever laid your eyes on such magnificence in your life? Yes, you definitely are seeing quadruple images of the self-described “spooky, beautiful, and stupid” queen serving demented versions of Cruella de Vil and Marilyn Manson. And it’s amazing.

Sharon is pictured here because the biggest outcome from last night’s episode was, indeed, that Needles has solidified her place as a force to be reckoned with on the show — despite drawing the ire of other contestants (we’re looking at you, Phi Phi). SPOILER ALERT: The dark-and-twisty queen took home the crown in the infomercial-themed challenge, a mere two weeks after she pulled off the same feat in the show’s season 4 premiere.

So, to put it even more simply: Sharon Needles is two for three so far this season. “Who won the main challenge this week?” said Needles, after the announcement, in a celebratory but, oddly, not-too-annoying way. “Oh yeah, me! Again! Like, a nightmare come true.” For sure. As a cherry on it all, Sharon won a batch of costume jewelry from the website Yes, that website really exists.

Needles is certainly exciting for the show, largely because Drag Race has never seen a queen like her before. She’s not just spooky either, despite that being the hole she’s being largely pigeoned into so far. As we saw on the runway last night, she can be rather glam fab, too, pulling out a hairdo described as a “Swarovski crystal pompadour,” which was nothing short of perfection.

Just three weeks into the season, the question becomes: Can Sharon Needles’ domination be stopped? Vote in our poll below:

Another question — which I’m not going to create a poll for — is: Should Sharon Needles’ domination be stopped? Granted, it’d be nice to see someone else win, but honestly, I’m having so much fun seeing Sharon stomp all over the rest of the queens.

Speaking of stomped queens, condolences to The Princess, who bit it last night. It’s sad to say, but it was just a matter of time, seeing as how this was the second week in a row that she had to lip sync for her life. If they put her up against Madame LaQueer — because, let’s be honest, Dida Ritz shouldn’t have been in the bottom two, if only for those legs and that runway walk — she might have been saved for another week, but it seems the judges have a soft spot for Madame.

But, alas, it all comes back to last night’s winner: Are you all fascinated by Sharon Needles? Vote in our poll here and sound off about last night’s episode below!

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