I would like to start out by apologizing to the country of Belize for the insane amount of “Belize” puns that were used and abused in this week’s episode. You better Belize things are getting serious on this show right now. (Sorry, just had to slip one more in.) I want to answer a couple of burning questions that many of our viewers had over the last couple weeks. First of all, the baseball game in Puerto Rico ended in a tie at the end of regulation. There might have been a mistake in showing an incorrect scoreboard as we went in to extra innings, but I was there and can attest that the game was tied and legitimately went into extra innings. The game was also sanctioned by and followed all the rules of Major League Baseball. The next topic I need to cover is Casey’s shoes. As many of you noticed, she walked up to Ben’s room and then out of the hotel without her shoes on. Her shoes and luggage were mailed to her and she should be receiving those items in six to ten business days. With those great mysteries cleared up, let’s move on to this week’s episode.

All bad puns aside, you better Belize that this country is as stunning and romantic as it looked on TV. Lindzi’s date to the Blue Hole is one of those things you just have to see to Belize. In fact, as soon as Ben and Lindzi were out of the water, our local guides were amazed at how fearless they were, considering how many sharks are known to hang out right where they landed. Needless to say, everyone was safe and have a lifetime of memories to take home with them, as well as all of their limbs.

This week is always one of the most pivotal ones of season. It’s that point when all the relationships are either taking a serious step forward or falling so far behind it’s time to say goodbye. Lindzi, as you saw, continues to cruise along at a very comfortable pace. Ben and Lindzi never have any drama and she makes life very easy for him. As they head into hometowns, though, Ben is looking to see if there’s more to their relationship than that. At some point she’s going to have to show that depth that Ben is looking for.

Kacie’s (very happy I can drop the “B”) relationship is a great example of the kind of depth Ben is looking for. Nicki is somewhat in the same boat as Lindzi: Her relationship with Ben is going smoothly and there haven’t been any major roadblocks, but she needs to make a move in the coming weeks to see if they can take things to the next level. Now let’s deal with the last of the final four: Courtney. This week we got a glimpse of a completely different side of Courtney. Up to this point she’s been supremely confident and unflappable, but this week she was emotional and insecure. There is something very interesting I noticed about Courtney this week, and that is just how much she makes everything about her. Most of the girls are worried about how much they are opening up to Ben. Courtney, on the other hand, said several times that Ben needs to step up his game and open up to her.

The other major happening this week was the other women warning Ben about Courtney. If you’re keeping score at home, that makes a total of five different women who have gone out of their way to warn Ben about this woman. It does have him thinking, and he had a halfhearted talk with her before the rose ceremony, but when they are alone she knows exactly what to say to settle his nerves. This week we said goodbye to Rachel and Emily. I’m guessing most of you were stunned that Ben sent Emily home, especially after their incredible date this week. Other than that pesky blond hair, Emily was everything Ben was looking for in a woman. I can’t help but think that despite her rebound in recent weeks, her skirmish with Courtney and subsequent confrontational talks with Ben just put her too far behind.

Emily is somebody I’m very much looking forward to talking with at the “Women Tell All” special, to get her take on everything that went down and figure out what went wrong from her perspective. Next week we return to the States for the all-important hometown dates. This will be a huge week, as fortunes will quickly change for some of the women. I can tell you that these are among the most emotional hometowns we’ve ever seen, and the women all take tremendous strides forward. One hometown in particular goes in a direction that you’d never expect, and you’re just going to have to see it to Belize it.

Before I say goodbye I want to thank all those fans that once again opened their doors to us this week, as the Bachelor Party Van crashed several viewing parties around the L.A. area. From the impromptu dance party, the Chris-and-Ben velvet cake, Bachelor fantasy league rules, and Vicki’s homemade hot fudge sundaes, it was a night to remember. (We’ll have a video up this week on our official site The Bachelor Nation is a passionate wonderful thing, and I love getting the chance to talk with you here each week, chat via Twitter (@chrisbharrison) and sometimes show up at your house and talk about all things roses. Please Belize me when I say, “Thank you, I love every minute of it.”

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