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An especially gorgeous midwinter Friday night was not enough to deter Los Angeles Twilight fans from lining up inside the West Hollywood Target for a sneak peak of Breaking Dawn — Part 2. This infamous Target wasn’t only one to hold a midnight release party for the DVD-Blu-ray release of Breaking Dawn — Part 1 — in fact, it was one of nearly 500 — but it was definitely the only location to boast a surprise visit from one of the film’s stars, Booboo Stewart. EW was on the scene to check out the footage and chat with Stewart and the fans on their thoughts. Spoiler alert: The fans really liked it!

The footage itself was no big surprise for Twilight fans — it was a page torn right from the book, about a page torn out of a book. In the scene, the newly vampiric Bella has a quiet night in with Edward, where she reads a note from Alice that somehow made its way to her copy of The Merchant of Venice. After Edward calls it a night, Bella finds a separate, secret note in the book: the mysterious name of “Jenks” from Seattle , and the instructions to destroy the message after reading it. It was sort of like Mission Impossible, without that nifty self-implosion function.

Still, fans were more than satisfied with the footage, since it was their first peek at star Kristen Stewart’s new look. Bella’s almost-lethal transition into a vampire happened in the final moments of Breaking Dawn — Part 1, so this was the first time that fans like 30-year-old Jennifer Klobus were able to see Bella with her red contact lenses and glittery skin. The other Stewart — Booboo — did not appear in the footage, but the star (who just got his learner’s permit!) made it clear that his fans would be happy with his screen time in the final film.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Have you ever lined up at midnight for a DVD release? Did you ever send your mother to the local Blockbuster at midnight on a school night to pick up a VHS copy of Titanic so you would have it before your friend Carolyn? Let us know in the comments!

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