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February 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

How I Met Your Mother

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Ideally I would have a more eloquent headline, but in the heat of the moment, it’s all I could think of to accurately sum up the twists and turns in tonight’s How I Met Your Mother. [If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, don’t read on. I repeat, for the love of all that is twisty, don’t read on if  you haven’t see the episode. Watch it for yourself!]

We knew that tonight’s episode would introduce Becki Newton’s character to the HIMYM-verse. But as usual, the show delivered something completely different than what I was expecting.

I mean, yes, her character was introduced. And yes, her character may prove to be something significant to Barney. But for the purposes of this episode, she was simply a girl who caught Barney’s eye, a girl he’s thinking about enough to turn down a one-night stand. All good signs. (A better sign? She’s a stripper. Barney, meet your dream girl!)

But she was hardly the focus of tonight’s episode. That honor goes to Robin, who in 22 minutes was proposed to multiple times, got engaged, revealed the sad truth about her fertility, and then broke off her engagement. (Fare thee well, Kevin.) And to top off the episode of action, Ted revealed, after a pathetic excuse for a Valentine’s Day, that he was still in love with her.

Cue my shrieks of shock. To be fair, we always knew Victoria’s words to Ted would come back into play at some point, but I did not see it happening tonight. (I don’t think Robin did either.) Then, BOOM!

I’m still digesting all of this, readers — as I’m sure you are. In the meantime, let’s talk it out. What are your thoughts on the episode? (And not to worry, a full recap is in the works!) Did you see Ted’s confession coming? And do you think it was a wise move?

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