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SPOILER ALERT! Last night’s episode of Downton Abbey was a gasp-filled two hours. (Read our full recap.) Matthew sprung out of his chair to save Lavinia from injuring herself, and their wedding was back on. Violet told Matthew that Mary still loved him, and Matthew told Mary he couldn’t leave devoted Lavinia no matter how much he might want to — right before he kissed Mary while they were dancing, which Lavinia saw. Proving how selfless she truly was, Lavinia went ahead and died when she came down with the Spanish flu so Matthew wouldn’t have to decide between the two of them. Cora, who was also on death’s door, lived. (Americans!) She realized she had been neglecting Robert, whose grief over the war’s death toll made him kiss maid Jane TWICE before she tendered her resignation (with a third embrace). Sybil finally kissed Branson and ran away with him, but her sisters got her to return before they eloped. After much posturing, Robert ultimately gave them his blessing. Anna and Bates, knowing the police could soon be arresting him for the murder of his wife, wed so Anna would be kept informed and could “have her way with him” (shirtless Bates!) before he was, in the end, led off in handcuffs.

As we look ahead to next week’s season finale (another two-hour episode!), let’s take your temperature with the polls below…

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The war is over, but intrigue, crisis, romance, and change still grip the beloved estate.

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