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Sophia Turner (Jennifer Beals) has been tasked with saving the United States from going to war, and she intends to fulfill her mission. But she’ll have to do so alongside a very important person from her past: Richard Castle.

Tonight’s episode of Castle finds Castle (Nathan Fillion) coming face-to-face with his former flame as the team works to stop an event from occurring that would “plunge the U.S. into world war,” says Beals. But her arrival also stirs up emotions for Beckett (Stana Katic) after she learns that Turner was Castle’s first muse and he shadowed her while creating another character, Clara Strike. The distinction, however, is that Castle has gone through significant changes in the years since they were in a relationship, shares Beals.

“You will see how he’s changed since his time with Sophia and his time with Beckett,” she says. “You also get more information about this past…[but] there’s definitely a ticking clock. It’s about getting the work done.”

And prepping for the role required a bit of work on Beals’s part as well, but she was coy about the details. “There were other things I had to prepare for that I can’t reveal to you because they have to do with the plot and what happens later. But I had to study international conspiracy theory. I was like ‘Wow. I guess that’s where Google comes in.'”

Overall, she says, “It was fun to bring something to the show that would maybe complicate the Becket-Castle relationship a little bit and give Beckett more information and give the audience more information about Castle.”

The two-part episode begins tonight and the conclusion will air next week. Beals warns, “The second episode is out of control…My apologies to all the fans who are huge Beckett fans. I apologize for any type of anxiety the character might cause you.”

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