If your idea of a romantic gesture is eating the blood-drenched heart of a dead horse (à la Daenerys on Game of Thrones), now you can share that odd character trait of yours with an equally weird Valentine’s Day card!

CollegeHumor, whose musings on pop culture rival the folks at Funny or Die and The Onion, has released a series of utterly hilarious Valentine’s Day cards inspired by television, guaranteed to make your loved one chuckle — if he/she gets the reference.

The cards — which highlight Parks and Recreation, Community, Downton Abbey and more — will probably only make sense if you’re a fan of the show being parodied, but given the variety of choices, I’m sure you’ll giggle at least once. (They come courtesy of the site’s resident masterpiece-maker Caldwell Tanner, whose work has probably been making you laugh out loud for years.)

PopWatchers, will you be printing these out and giving them to your significant other? What are some other TV shows that would make a kick-ass Valentine?

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