No matter what your dating status, we have a new fresh-baked V-Day playlist for you

By EW Staff
February 10, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

In a Relationship
Elle Varner Feat. J. Cole, ”Only Wanna Give It to You”
The raspy-sweet R&B songstress loves her man more than new Adidas. Besides, who needs shoes when you’re walking on air?

Bahamas, ”Lost in the Light”
New, swooning love is easy to rhapsodize about; singer-songwriter Bahamas (a.k.a. Feist collaborator Afie Jurvanen) offers shimmering tribute to the quieter charm of second chances.

Lana Del Rey, ”Off to the Races”
Lana in love is all sultry B-movie metaphors and hiccupy, hip-cocked Jessica Rabbit coos. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Kimbra, ”Cameo Lover”
The object of disaffection from Gotye’s breakout ”Somebody That I Used to Know” brings pure pop sugar on her delightfully fizzy solo ode to an elusive but adorable boy toy.

First Aid Kit, ”Emmylou”
It’s an old-fashioned country & western romance for these prettily harmonizing Swedish sisters, who’ll always be the Emmylou Harris to your Gram Parsons.

Rihanna, ”We All Want Love”
”No one wants to be left scared and lonely,” RiRi confides, perhaps cutting too close to our deep-seated fears. Cue ”We Found Love,” stat!

Hunter Hayes, ”Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me”
The Nashville cherub invokes every gawky kid at a middle school dance: He swears he’s got moves, but instead he’s hanging alone by the punch bowl.

Jack White, ”Love Interruption”
The twice-divorced White’s all wised up; he won’t let any femme fatale ”disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt” him again.

Common, ”Lovin’ I Lost”
‘Tis better to have loved and lost and written a groovy soul-throwback jam about it than never to have loved at all.

The Little Willies, ”Permanently Lonely”
On their gently strummy version of the Willie Nelson classic, Norah Jones and Richard Julian insist they’ll be just fine in splitsville, thank you very much. Eventually.

It’s Complicated
Drake, ”Shot for Me”
Distraught Drizzy cycles through the five stages of grief in less than four minutes, leaving you with plenty of time to Facebook-stalk your exes.

Kelly Clarkson, ”Dark Side”
Her soaring synth-pop ballad defines what love’s all about: knowing your girlfriend’s a little bit crazy, and still not running away.

Gary Clark Jr., ”Don’t Owe You a Thing”
Sorry, sweetie; the Austin bluesman will not be putting a ring on it anytime soon. If you need him, though, he’ll be at the bar.

Demi Lovato, ”Give Your Heart a Break”
Demi wants to make it work, but first she’ll have to get past her guy’s emotional Fort Knox. Can pop music melt heart padlocks?

Miranda Lambert, ”Mama’s Broken Heart”
This barn burner’s lesson: If you’ve got a fiery woman, never do her wrong — especially not when she’s holding a matchbook.