After a star-building turn in Oscar-nominated ''The Descendants,'' the star remains committed to her TV role on ''The Secret Life of the American Teenager''
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Relax, fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Though star Shailene Woodley (Amy Juergens) delivered a breakout performance in the Oscar-nominated flick The Descendants, the star of the ABC Family drama, which was recently picked up for a fifth season, is not expected to bolt for greener pastures. ”She wants to stay with the show,” creator Brenda Hampton tells EW. ”Doing that film was a very good thing for her and for us. She brought what she learned back.” Adds Woodley, who has two more years on her contract, ”The story lines change often, so there’s a lot of different colors to explore.”

(Additional reporting by Nuzhat Naoreen)

The Descendants
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