In Bullhead, the Belgian film nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, Matthias Schoenaerts plays Jacky, a ‘roid-headed cattle farmer who gets tangled up in the illegal growth hormone trade. Schoenaerts beefed up for the thick-necked role, packing on more than 60 pounds, and his intense performance has been recognized at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and AFI Fest.

It’s a very unique gangster film, one in which first-time writer/director Michaël R. Roskam, a classically trained painter, spent five years writing and fine-tuning the theme that you can’t change the past. In the exclusive clip below, Jacky confronts Bruno, a vicious bully he grew up with who’s now living in a mental health facility.

Here’s the film’s trailer.

Bullhead opens Feb. 17 in New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas.

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