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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…
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Happy Friday, roomies.

It’s that time of the week again, and by that, I mean it’s time for you to feast your eyes on the last important task I do before spending 48 hours eating various cereals on my couch. (I’m so glamorous.)

Hope everyone finds a little something in here they like but if you don’t, make sure you’re sending me your questions. Address is same as always: I also except them on Twitter. (Click the button below to join the party.) See you next week!


There’s been a lot of self-reflection happening on NCIS as of late. (In fact, the show’s entire 200th episode was dedicated to a storyline that found Gibbs on a personal journey unlike any we’d ever seen.) And as you may have guessed, this is all no coincidence. In fact, EP Gary Glasberg tells me that all the threads we’ve seen thus far will weave together for this year’s season finale. Vague enough for you? Maybe he can help elaborate: “There’s definitely a theme to this season about decisions and [about] the roads that people have taken and choices in their lives,” he says. “I hope that has come through; it certainly did in the 200th, But I think that’s been the case — whether we’re talking about realizations, like Abby and her brother or a lot of the things that have come up with Tony and Ziva as well.”

Next week in particular will be another Tony-centric episode as we get a chance to meet Tony’s ex-fiance, Wendy. “Not only is the crime story a little light and entertaining and enjoyable, but you get a chance to meet Tony’s ex and there’s still some spark there and still some fun to be had,” he says. “Tony’s had a lot of opportunities to walk down memory lane and this is another path for him to walk down.”

Also on tap for the rest of the season? The arrival of Jamie Lee Curtis and Sean Astin as psychological operations investigators, an episode that will reveal why Tony “became a detective and ultimately an agent,” and a big Ziva episode “where she looks at her life and the path it’s taken.”


In the episode “Desperate Souls,” Once Upon a Time viewers got a look at Rumpelstiltskin as we’d never seen him before. And in this week’s episode, guest star Emilie de Ravin says Rumpel fans will get yet another new look at one of show’s most iconic villains. “He’s still Rumpel. He’s the same guy, but it’s going to be cool for the audience to see him in his home environment — to see him in his castle and day-to-day Rumpel life,” she says.

The real fun, however, comes when Belle enters his world and, much like the story we all know, disrupts his ongoings. “[They also get to see] how he’s influenced by Belle,” de Ravin says. “In this episode, for the first time since he changed into this crazy guy, he has somebody whose starting to care for him. And he’s disbelieving of that [but] starting to enjoy it and be a little more open and jovial and sweet. That’s a really different Rumpel than we’ve seen before.”

And while fans shouldn’t necessarily expect a happy ending, they can count on one thing: Belle’s imminent return after this week’s episode. “I do come back, and I’d love to come back for a lot more because I love the show and had a lot of fun with it,” she says. “Belle’s a really fun character because she’s a strong young woman. Also, the people on the show are giving actors and fun to work with. That’s hard to find.”


It took all of 10 seconds for tonight’s episode of Fringe to give me gooseflesh. Believe me when I say, that if you’re anything like me, it’s a rewind-so-you-can-repeatedly-die-internally scene. Ehem.

But beyond that, the episode is another strong one, following last week’s awesome episode. As you saw in my exclusive sneak peek, it finds Peter, Olivia and Walter trapped in a town under mysterious circumstances. But before you dismiss this as simply a strong case-of-the-week, I’ll leave you with this: Olivia starts to notice she’s developing some troubling symptoms, but they will take on a whole new meaning by the end of the episode. Sorry, let me rephrase that: …they will take on a new, TOTALLY MIND-BLOWING meaning by the end of the episode.


Hi Sandra, Do you have scoop on the upcoming Castle two-parter? They are always amazing and looking for anything Caskett-related you can tease. Thanks! — Cheryl

Well, I can tell you what you definitely won’t see: Beckett versus guest star Jennifer Beals. Beals, who plays CIA op (and former Castle flame!) Sophia Turner on the show’s two-parter, said she always hoped the character wouldn’t come between Castle and Beckett and made that clear that to EP Andrew Marlowe when they first chatted about the role. “I’m not interested in a triangle. I’m not interested in two women fighting over the same guy,” she says. “Sophia Turner is not the woman whose pining or trying to undermine another woman. I’m not interested in a catfight. There can be tension, problems, it can bring up issues for Beckett, but we’re not going to be mud wrestling.” Somewhere, Richard Castle is weeping in disappointment.

Anything on The River? I think I can get on board with it for eight episodes. — Mike

Episode 6, titled “Dr. Emmett Cole,” will explain a lot about the naturalist’s motivations for pursing the things that go bump in the Amazon. “His story is very much a mystic quest for a new kind of truth and he believes he has found something out here that’s just beyond even magic,” says exec producer Michael Green. “The magic he has seen is just scratching the surface of something bigger and deeper and universal and potentially world-changing. That’s the quest he’s going to be on for a long time.” The episode, adds fellow EP Zack Estrin, is told in a unique manner, using footage of Emmett’s that the crew finds in the jungle. “We actually watch an episode of unedited footage that he filmed while he was out there, and it’s more recent. We spend the bulk of the episode through Emmett’s point of view as opposed to everyone else’s. So you really get a chance to get into his head.”

I would love some Grimm scoop, especially anything on Captain Renard. — Sue

Renard doesn’t appear much in this next new episode, airing tonight — but a big scary spider does. And trust me when I say, she’s terrifying. Also, Nick becomes more worried than ever about the increasing interest in his status as a Grimm among supernatural beings.

Hi, I just read and watched your interview with Katerina Graham that you posted on Feb. 3. I’m so happy we’re finally meeting Bonnie’s mother. Do you have any idea if there’s a chance we might meet Bonnie’s father while her mom’s around? And do you know what Esther being back means for Bonnie (and Abby)? Thanks for any spoiler-tipped light you can shed! — Alta

Thanks for watching that. Glad you enjoyed it. As for your question, I don’t know of plans to introduce Bonnie’s dad, but I’ll toss the rest of your question straight to EP Julie Plec, who, by now, is pretty much a teaser pro from the looks of it. “Bonnie and Abby are going to find themselves enlisted by Esther, herself a witch and one of the servants of nature, to help in this spell that would help eliminate Klaus. It’s all coming back to that Bennett line that originated with Alana 1000 years ago, and now Bonnie and her mom are actually the keys to being able to see it all the way through. It’s going to bring them closer, and it’s also going to add some emotional consequences into their relationship as well. We’ll get another glimpse at Jamie in the 17th episode. Just remember that he’s out there looking mighty good.” Good, indeed.

My biggest sadness at the moment is that Tyler went away before we could see him look all spiffy in the ball episode. When’s he coming back!? — Viv

Not till spring, but when he does return, expect fireworks. “Tyler is still going to be away for a little while, doing his journey of self-discovery,” says Plec. “There’s nothing worse than going away, putting yourself through endless agony to break a bond to some guy, and when you come back to town you realize he’s been putting the moves on your girl. I can’t imagine that that’s going to go over well.”

I found it interesting how in your Spoiler Room Video Edition Nina talked about how much guilt Elena feels. Any chance she’s going to go easier on herself any time soon. You can’t blame the girl for wanting a little bit of both brothers! Also, love the videos. Thank you. — Kristen

No. In fact, Plec says, Elena might have some new emotional weight to carry around. “Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah, and her concern that maybe in signing his death sentence that she’s made a mistake,” she says. (And, to all others, if you haven’t seen SR:VE, I’ve embedded it for you below!)

I’d love some Raising Hope scoop! — Lacey

The Valentine’s Day episode is INCREDIBLY awesome — especially for fans of Jimmy and Sabrina. In it, Jimmy finds himself a fake girlfriend (Ashley Tisdale) in an effort to make his real Valentine jealous. But will his plan work a little too well? Also, the ending of the episode is so huge, it was cut out of the screener provided to the press. And I’m not happy about that.

Hi! You guys always give me great scoops! This may be a stretch… But I was wondering if you get any info on our awesome overseas show? Misfits? I’m dying for anything on the new season! Or Game of Thrones (is this considered overseas?) Last season was amazing, I don’t even know what to expect! Anything would be wonderful! Thanks! — Michelle

Nothing I can provide you at the moment would best these awesome pictures from season 2. And since I don’t like losing battles, let’s continue drooling over them while I go find a mightier scoop weapon.

Got any good scoopage on Parenthood? I’m not feeling the Sarah/Mark baby thing, so do you have some intel about any fun episodes coming up that involve the whole Braverman clan together, yip yapping, and dancing in the kitchen? Thanks. Jen

Wait… you DON’T want Mark and Sarah to have a baby? Sorry, I don’t think we can be friends any more. In related news, the way that storyline works out at the end of the season will, in fact, leave one of us dancing with glee in the kitchen — and the odds are not on my side. And in anticipation of the comfort we’ll both likely need after the emotional finale, I propose an end to our eight-second falling out.

Anything on Modern Family? — Giselle

Casting intel indicates the search is on for a man to play Cam’s dad. And I’m eager to hear your suggestions! Hit the comments. (Update: Per Stonestreet, Barry Corbin has snagged the role!)

It’s been a while since you’ve Suburgatory-ied me. How about some scoop? — Amanda

Cam’s dad might not be the only unseen parent who pops up later this season. I’m told the season finale will see the introduction of someone very important to [spoiler]’s past. Also, your use of Suburgatory as a verb makes me uncomfortable, fyi.

Parks and Rec news? — Jeffrey

In the spirit of the Knope 2012 campaign, Donna makes a huge sacrifice near the end of the season that, if you know Donna, might bring a tear to your eye.

Sandra, I saw you had Tim DeKay in the office this week. How cute is he?! Now, when he wasn’t busy cuddling the EW pillow, I’m hoping he gave you some scoop on White Collar! — Alyssa

He sure did, and I’ll share our full convo next week. But in the meantime, after watching the episode of the show that he directed, I’m convinced it’s going to be a favorite. Not only do we get a chance to see Peter act like a little boy in a candy store as they work a case in Yankee Stadium, but we also learn something about his past that will surprise us — and Neal! (And you know how hard it is to do that!)

I’d love anything on CSI you can offer! — Stacie

What if I offer you a chance to ask George Eads a question? E-mail all your CSI queries to We’re chatting next week.

What the hell is up with the Justified promo?! Is Dewey going to die?! — RN

Watch your language. Now, let me tell you about next week’s f—— awesome episode. 1) It’s pretty gross, especially the first few minutes. 2) It’s probably one of my favorite “cases” ever because it’s so gross. 3) Dewey **** on the floor in the backroom of a convenience store.

(Shaunna Murphy and Marc Snetiker contributed to this column.)

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