An indie-beloved shoe brand brings together LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, OutKast's Andre 3000, and Gorillaz' Damon Albarn for one stellar new music project


The Converse ”Three Artists. One Song” project isn’t just about selling sneakers (though that’s certainly a part of it). The company that previously brought together the likes of Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, Santigold, and Pharrell Williams for one-off collaborations has now roped in Gorillaz ringmaster Damon Albarn, fellow beat-obsessor James Murphy (of the late, lamented LCD Soundsystem), and galaxy-hopping rapper Andre 3000. The resulting track, a swirling, propulsively funky workout called ”DoYaThing” — originally recorded at an epic 12 minutes and then cut to a more manageable four — will be available for free download on starting Feb. 23.

”There was nothing composed beforehand,” Albarn tells EW. ”We just went in and said, ‘Start.”’ And the spontaneity paid off: ”It’s almost like pulling the rubber band back, and then it just releases,” he says. ”It was very much one of those moments where nothing is premeditated and it just sort of erupts. It’s exhilarating.”

Albarn and Gorillaz collaborator/animator Jamie Hewlett have also lent their skills to a series of limited-edition Chuck Taylor All Stars, which act as companion pieces to the track, and to new avatars for an upcoming video. And don’t rule out more tag-teaming with Andre and Murphy in the future: ”Quite a lot was left on the floor,” Albarn says. ”I’d always work with those two. They’re brilliant.”