With its knock-down, drag-out fights, incessant cursing, and occasional FBI busts, VH1's oddly compelling reality series about a group of Staten Island, N.Y., women with ties to the Mafia has become our newest guilty pleasure. Here's a handy look at what makes these Mob molls so intriguing

By Nuzhat Naoreen
Updated February 10, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Renee Graziano
Bio The daughter of a high-ranking mobster, Graziano started off as the series’ most emotionally volatile cast member. But following a life-threatening plastic surgery procedure and a renewed romance with her ex, the once-proud Mafia princess has morphed into the catty group’s (relatively) levelheaded mediator.
Freaking Awesome Quote ”They ask me why I don’t date. Because all the good guys are in jail.”

Angela Raiola
Bio Raiola is respected by the wives, who think of her as a fairy Godmother — but instead of casting spells that turn them into princesses, she keeps them from being even bigger drama queens. She’s nicknamed Big Ang for her large bust and over-the-top personality.
Freaking Awesome Quote ”Ukraine? I don’t even know, how far is that? I’m scared. If we’d died, they’d never find us.” (After a pal suggests getting cheap plastic surgery in Ukraine.)

Drita D’Avanzo
Bio Disowned by her strict Albanian family for marrying an alleged Italian gang leader and convicted bank robber (what a catch!), D’Avanzo recently learned that her hubby of 12 years cheated on her. Now she’s working through a divorce…and a serious anger-management problem.
Freaking Awesome Quote ”If I’m coming for you, I’m never going to stop until I get you. Like hospitalized, broken faces, like ambulance, all the time.”

Karen Gravano
Bio Though Gravano returned to Staten Island to pen a book about growing up as the daughter of the infamous Mob underboss who helped bring down John Gotti, she spends more time settling old scores than she does writing new chapters (though to her credit — and our surprise — the book actually managed to get written and will hit stores on Valentine’s Day).
Freaking Awesome Quote ”Check my bloodline, bitch. I’m coming for you.”

Ramona Rizzo
Bio Gravano’s childhood friend joined the drama in season 2 and quickly ratcheted up tensions. While Gravano was happy to have the support, the other women were not pleased about having another backbiting, fiery personality to contend with.
Freaking Awesome Quote ”We could fight if you want to fight, but I’ll let you know straight up, you might as well pick out your gravestone now.”

Carla Facciolo
Bio Most of the ladies spend their time yanking each other’s hair out, but Facciolo keeps busy primping, not pulling. The mother of twins, whose ex-husband just got out of prison for a boiler-room scandal, is more put together — in both looks and maturity — than the rest of the cast. Good for her sanity, bad for our interest level.
Freaking Awesome Quote ”I don’t act like an animal, I don’t act classless. That’s just not my style.”