By Ray Rahman
Updated February 10, 2012 at 10:43 PM EST
Credit: Lauren Dukoff/Columbia Records

A quick sweep of the landscape reveals an Adele teaser clip from 60 Minutes, a planned Tony Bennett tribute, and a preemptively registered Who Is Bon Iver? tumblr. This can only mean one thing: Grammy weekend is upon us!

And of course, we’ll be upon it as well. Join us this Sunday as we report live from the red carpet, backstage, and the Staples Center ceremony itself, and from our online Grammy hub here on the Music Mix, where you’ll find a live blog, a winner’s list updated in real time, and various commentaries from our music staff, as well as a roundup of the night’s best and worst (and of course best-worst) fashions.

Until then, we’ve got lots to think about: Which overpopulated performance will be the night’s messiest? (Probably all of them, but still.) Which artist has the best chance of topping Adele? (Probably none of them, but still.) Will Skrillex actually show up, or will he send one of his many female impostors in his place? Tune in with us, and we’ll find out all the answers together!