Emma Watson, David Yates in talks for Emma Forrest's ''Your Voice in My Head''


Warner Bros. is in negotiations to turn Emma Forrest‘s 2011 memoir, Your Voice in My Head, into a film, with David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) as a potential director and Emma Watson in talks to star. But there’s another A-list star linked to the production, at least unintentionally: Colin Farrell. Forrest dated the actor for about a year, which led to an explosion of speculation that the film-star beau she discusses extensively in the book (dubbed simply ”Gypsy Husband”) was Farrell. Forrest has all but denied that ”GH” is based on Farrell; in 2011 she told an interviewer, ”I have had a lot of boyfriends who were actors…. Anyone who buys this book looking for a kiss-and-tell will be disappointed.” Farrell, meanwhile, has never commented on the memoir or the speculation surrounding it. But that won’t stop their onetime relationship from being an intriguing selling point for the movie. While the core of Your Voice in My Head deals with Forrest’s efforts to combat mental illness, GH plays a large role in the story, and it’s hard to see how a film version would avoid depicting him. A rep for Ruby Films, the company producing the movie, says the part of GH has yet to be filled. Chances are there’s at least one actor they won’t be asking to audition.