When I spoke to 26-year-old Chronicle director Josh Trank about his breakout movie and the “found footage” phenomenon last week, I asked him whether there was sequel potential should Chronicle prove successful.

He told me: “I’m just so curious how this is going to resonate and how people are going to react to it, and if it feels like the demand is there and the desire to see how this story can continue is there, we definitely have ideas. It can definitely can be expanded.”

Well, with $22 million in its first three days and an 85 percent “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s safe to say that the movie is definitely resonating with people, and I can’t help but wonder whether Fox, who paid just $15 million to make the film, is considering turning Chronicle into a franchise. When reached, the studio told me that it didn’t have any news to share, but it’s always fun to theorize anyway, isn’t it? (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

There’s certainly room in the Chronicle universe for potential follow-ups. Obviously, two of the main characters of Chronicle‘s teen trio end up dead in the end, but I’d love to know what Matt does with his powers after the whole world saw him flying around the Space Needle. Does he become a traditional superhero? Does he attempt to get rid of his powers, fearing he may end up like his cousin, Andrew? Does he turn to the dark side too? Does he join the monastery seen in the film’s final shot?

And then there’s the whole alien aspect of Chronicle that a sequel could address. Clearly, the boys had some sort of extraterrestrial encounter when they crawled underground and touched that glowing blue thing. But what was it? And is there a larger story about the alien species (or could it have been our own government?) that created it?

I also wonder whether a sequel would be a “found footage” movie at all, or if, like a YouTube star who scores a record deal, the sequel would be a glossier, more traditionally shot action film. There are just so many options, and under Trank’s fast-paced direction, I’d be excited for any of them.

What do you think? Would you want to see a Chronicle sequel? And if so, what do you hope it would address?

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