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February 10, 2012 at 05:04 AM EST

We were treated to another hour-long dose of 30 Rock last night. And while season 6 has been off to a fabulous start, I have to say “Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong” was a bit lackluster. Compared to some of the previous Valentine’s Day episode — referenced in the new episode with some well-placed flashbacks — I didn’t think it held up the high standard of hilarity that 30 Rock typically has. Just me? Perhaps.

Anyway, Liz and Criss attempted to get through a shopping trip to IKEA without ruining their relationship. Not an easy task, says anyone who has ever been to IKEA. They left the store without the table the went in for, but Criss saved the day with his homemade tree branch/Herman Cain-poster table. Who cares if it broke?

Thanks to Avery’s detainment in North Korea, Jack took up golf to relieve his sexual frustrations. And he almost broke after he spent time his mother-in-law, Diana (guest star Mary Steenburgen). They bonded after a bizarre trip to the United Nations in an attempt to return the “beautiful, white American” Avery to her rightful home. As it turned out the driving range worked for both of them! Cheating averted.

During the rest of the hour, Tracy and Frank, the suavest(?) members of the TGS staff tried to help Lutz land a lady for Valentine’s Day. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over too well but the trio did bond over some IKEA meatballs. That’s something, right? Jenna and Pete learned an important lesson about the yips. (They should have taken lessons from Barney Stinson or Shawn Spencer!) In the end, Pete got to put his archery skills back in action and Jenna did not have to jump back up her mother. And in the strangest story line of the night, we learned Hazel Wassername is a total creeper. She kind of makes Kenneth look normal, right? And clearly, she has a total girl crush on Liz Lemon. Lackluster or not,  folks, this IS 30 Rock so the episode had plenty of  fabulous moments. So…

UP NEXT: The night’s best moments/exchanges…

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