Wet Hot American Summer

Last night, Wet Hot American Summer star and co-writer Michael Showalter caused a brouhaha amongst fans of the 2001 camp comedy by announcing on What Watch Happens Live that the much-talked-about sequel was “absolutely” happening. “The whole gang, everyone’s back, we’re doing it,” Showalter elaborated.

Alas, earlier today, Wet Hot actor Michael Ian Black told EW that the cast of the original film — which also included Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Rudd, amongst others — aren’t packing for a return to Camp Firewood just yet.

“I’ve just talked to [Michael Showalter],” Black revealed. “I said, ‘You caused a little bit of a stir when you said that.’ He said, ‘Yes, I know.’ It’s not true. It’s not not true. But he made it sound like the movie was in pre-production and it’s not. Everybody is basically on board to do it and he and David Wain (Wet Hot director and co-writer) have been working on a script and hopefully it’ll happen. But it’s not locked into place or anything.”

Black, who is currently busy “pimping out” his forthcoming book You’re Not Doing It Right, said he had not even seen a script as yet. However, he did admit he would be willing to participate in another sex scene with Bradley Cooper, his onscreen Wet Hot lover. “If Bradley Cooper will have me,” Black deadpanned, “he could be ‘the top’ this time.”

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