Jean Dujardin may be in hot water with his native France over the risqué poster for his next film Les Infidèles (The Players), but America is still very much enamored with the charming star of The Artist. In fact, the folks over at Funny or Die have plenty of brilliant ideas of what the Oscar-nominated actor can do next here in the states.

Sure, the 39-year-old already technically has his next project lined up, but wouldn’t you much rather see him play the gun-toting, catchphrase-spouting villain in Bridesmaids 2, Sherlock Holmes 3, or Spy Kids 5D ? (Brilliant.) Not so fast, PopWatchers! You can check out the entire hilarious clip here:

Full admission to Hollywood producers: I would absolutely see each and every one of these movies with Dujardin as the bad guy. Particularly Tyler Perry’s Madea’s French Vacation, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Squeak and Ye Shall Find, We Bought a Zoo Too, Larry Crowne 2 (“Larry Crowne? More like Larry Drown!”), and the absolutely necessary Jack and Jill 2. (“I’ve never killed a brother and sister together.”) Sorry Frenchies, but even if you forgive him for that poster there’s no way we’re ever giving him back now.

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