Ready for some gorgeous new Game of Thrones season 2 photos? Here’s the first season 2 profile pics of nearly the entire cast of major characters. There’s 17 new images: Brienne, Tyrion, Balon Greyjoy, Arya, Daenerys (twice), Sansa, Joffrey, Renly, Melisandre, Stannis, Bran, Robb, Cersei, Catelyn, Jon Snow, Theon, and Davos — whew! Why are you still even reading text at this point? They are all here:

Yes, several new and returning characters are missing here (Jaime Lannister, most notably). This is all HBO is ready to release at the moment. But there will be more Thrones goodness to come before the series returns April 1. If you want to see any of these images — except Jon Snow — in their full-size glory, just click on the image.

Which pic was your favorite?