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Legendary Pictures has pulled the plug on its budget-busting adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, EW has confirmed. The film was due to star Bradley Cooper as Lucifer — a.k.a. Satan, whose angelic rebellion against God in Heaven leads to his banishment to Hell — as well as Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter) as the archangel Michael, Diego Boneta (Rock of Ages) as Adam, and Camilla Belle (10,000 B.C.) as Eve. Alex Proyas (I, Robot; Dark City) was set to direct.

Legendary struggled to keep the budget at or below $120 million, thanks to the visual effects needed for the massive scenes of angel-on-angel warfare. Everyone on the film both above and below the line have been released from their job, and the studio — which has co-financed everything from The Hangover movies to all of Christopher Nolan’s Batman pictures — is walking away for now, though it’s unclear whether the movie has been entirely scrapped, or will end up in Hollywood purgatory, i.e. turnaround.

Deadline first reported this story.

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