Super Bowl, Clint Eastwood

Though Clint Eastwood’s evocative “It’s halftime, America” Super Bowl commercial was well-received in some quarters, Rush Limbaugh jumped on the anti-Eastwood bandwagon with Karl Rove yesterday, claiming the spot was “so predictable and so typical.” He mocked Eastwood’s gravelly voice and said, “A two-minute commercial is not a commercial: It’s a PSA.”

Limbaugh then speculated, “I’m just going to give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest he got suckered into this.” From his point of view, the only reasonable explanation for the rallying-cry spot — which both Eastwood and Chrysler have ardently deemed “apolitical” — is that “the Democrats are about to get creamed” in the 2012 election. “The only thing missing was ‘Make my halftime,'” he snarked.

Hear Limbaugh describe the ad as “puke city” and present his own parody after the jump.

Spokespeople for Eastwood and Chrysler had not responded to EW’s requests for comment at time of press.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Team Rush or Team Clint?

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