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Earlier this week, a wildfire was set ablaze on the Internet when it was reported that Ridley Scott was in talks with Harrison Ford to reprise his role as replicant detective Rick Deckard in the director’s in-development Blade Runner sequel. The next day, the project’s producers quickly squashed those rumors. Who to believe? The whole thing was beginning to seem as confusing as the non-voiceover version of the 1982 sci-fi classic itself — minus the origami unicorn. So EW went straight to the source to weigh in on the rumors: Ridley Scott.

While meeting with director yesterday to discuss his upcoming 3-D is-it-or-isn’t-it-an-Alien-prequel Prometheus, we put the Harrison Ford question to him. Here’s what he had to say…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell me about the Blade Runner project?

RIDLEY SCOTT: We’re still in discussions about whether it should be a prequel or sequel. It’s an interesting conversation. I’m meeting with writers and I’ve also gone back to [original Blade Runner screenwriter] Hampton Fancher and he still speaks the speak. He’s right there. I spoke with him this week. But we don’t even have a script yet.

Did you hear about the rumors online that you were supposedly in talks with Harrison Ford to be in it?

No. Don’t know yet. Don’t know yet.

But you wouldn’t rule it out?

Absolutely not. But I’m not sure that that’s going to be a story point, so I don’t know. But if it were, nothing would please me more. Honestly.

But it sounds like you don’t even know yet if there would be a Rick Deckard character?

No. I don’t know.

So, right now, all there is is the concept of doing a Blade Runner film? Nothing more than that?

Right. I just thought Prometheus was so enjoyable — returning to the world of science fiction was so fun — that I wanted to [go back to Blade Runner, too]. I’m also thinking about what the hell I might do for a Prometheus 2.

Do you think there will be one?

[Knocks the wood coffee table and grins]

So there you have it, folks. To recap: No, he is not in talks with Harrison Ford for Blade Runner. He doesn’t even have a script yet. So casting discussions are way off. But he didn’t rule out reuniting with Ford if and when the time comes many, many moons from now. In other words, stay tuned…

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