New York bakery Eleni’s has just announced this year’s lineup of Academy Awards-themed cookies, and they are almost too amazing to eat.

The iced sugar cookies, which are available in Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress assortments, depict miniature edible versions of some of this year’s most recognizable props, costumes, and faces – animal and human.

Included in the Best Picture collection are:

  • Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier from The Artist
  • Joey, the main equine from War Horse
  • George Clooney’s Hawaiian shirt from The Descendants
  • A maid’s outfit from The Help
  • An A’s baseball cap and a baseball from Moneyball
  • The train station clock from Hugo
  • Oskar’s tambourine from Extremely Loud & Incredible Close
  • The time-traveling Model T from Midnight in Paris
  • A Tree, which I assume is Of Life

You can also check out the Best Actor and Best Actress assortments, which include cookie headshots of the nominees, all of which are surprisingly flattering (Meryl looks 30!) for being, well, cookie headshots. (They also come in a more affordable cupcake form.)

At $65/$75 a pop, they’re a fancy way of saying, “I have paid $65 or $75 for cinema-themed baked goods.” Whether they actually taste good is an entirely different matter altogether.