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At this point, we’ll take just about any Hunger Games news we can get, right?

In an interview with Vulture, Josh Hutcherson revealed that he pranked costar Jennifer Lawrence on the set of The Hunger Games – perhaps to an unfortunate degree. “I took a dummy, one that the tracker-jackers were supposed to have attacked, and I put it in Jennifer’s bathroom,” said Hutcherson, 19. “When she opened the door, she peed her pants. Or so I was told – she told me later. I did not get visual confirmation on that one.”

The obvious assumption is that this is hyperbole – like when someone says “I’ve watched Ferngully like a thousand times” or “Nicolas Cage’s performance was too believable” – but I wouldn’t put it past die-hard Hunger Games fans to secretly hope that Hutcherson’s prank paid off in some genuinely terrified, er, leakage.

“I think I’m basically a 5-year-old at heart,” said Hutcherson. Considering that I’m aching to make a topic-related pun on the name “Katniss,” I probably am, too.

Happy Hunger Games!

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