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February 08, 2012 at 09:46 PM EST

Tonight, James Wolk (Lone Star) begins his three-episode arc on ABC’s Happy Endings as the former, then current boyfriend of Adam Pally’s Max. The exes have an unexpected reunion in this evening’s Valentine’s Day episode when Max picks up a couple in his limo and one of the passengers is Grant (Wolk), who Max broke up with last Valentine’s Day because he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. “The character was pitched to me like, ‘Grant’s perfect, right? Unlike Max, he wears perfect vest-tie combos, he always says the right thing, everyone embraces him.’ But ultimately, Grant, like many of us, tries to project this perfection, but deep-down he’s flawed,” Wolk says. “One of the really funny things on this show is that everyone kind of disses the significant others that people bring in. Max’s whole thing with Grant was that everybody was gonna really like Grant.” 

Max was right: We’ll find out in next week’s episode that everyone does love Grant except for Dave (Zachary Knighton), who’ll try to prove he’s cooler than Grant. “There’s no physical fighting. There’s a lot of passive aggressive looks,” Wolk laughs. “Zachary Knighton knocks it out of the park. I think everyone can really look forward to the way that he creates Dave’s jealousy.” Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.) is a fan of the way Grant dresses. “The way that Damon handles that scene, I was rolling on the ground,” Wolk says. The girls, meanwhile, fall hard for Grant and find a way to get him shirtless. “I saw some of those publicity photos, and those seem to be the topic of conversation,” Wolk says. “I’ll say this: Grant is really fond of all the ladies on the show, as anyone would be, but he doesn’t reciprocate that fondness because, of course, he’s with Max. But that provides for some really funny comedy to come about.”

And what can we expect from Grant’s relationship with Max? “Obviously this is a comedy. There’s a lot of comedy going on here. But it was also important for us to show the real affection between these two guys. Adam and I wanted there to be a realness and a true connection,” Wolk says. “Whenever you watch a couple, you want to smile because hopefully you see there’s a real connection between the two.” Did he and Pally do anything special to work on their chemistry? “Yeah, we rode a tandem bicycle around,” he deadpans. “I’m kidding. We did not ride a tandem bicycle.” That would have been the best story ever, we tell him. “Print it! Who cares? We rode a tandem bicycle.” But really, what did they do? “You know what? We just joked all the time, like you and I are now. We just rolled back and forth … And then we also did our daily tandem bicycle ride.”

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