Michelle Williams has become Hollywood’s favorite unfulfilled pretty housewife. In Brokeback Mountain, she played the wife of Heath Ledger’s closeted gay cowboy; in Shutter Island, she played the ghost of a woman who’d given up on the world; and in Blue Valentine, she was the wife coming to grips with what marriage can become after the initial pangs of love. In director Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, out June 29, she seems to be at it again, playing a conflicted wife tempted by the excitement of an extramarital affair after five years of numbing monotony with her comfortable husband, Seth Rogen.

With Williams’ voiceover, the trailer effectively captures a melancholic sense of longing — “a kind of idiotic, marvelous, ridiculous longing,” as it proclaims — and Jenn Grant’s “Parachutes” is the perfect musical accompaniment. Watch it below:

Feels like a Sundance movie, though it actually premiered in Toronto, coincidentally where the film is set, last Sept. Polley, the actress whose first directorial effort, Away From Her, earned Oscar nods for her screenplay and Best Actress (Julie Christie), wrote this script as well. Her own first marriage, to Canadian film editor David Wharnsby, ended in 2008 after five years, so perhaps it’s no surprise that she and Williams seemed to have tapped into a precise vein of marital malaise.

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