Haven’t you heard? Life’s a happy song! Unless, of course, you were hoping to sing that happy song on stage at the Academy Awards. According to Deadline, the Oscars are not having performances from either of this year’s Best Original Song nominees. That means no Bret McKenzie (or Jason Segel) doing a duet with Walter (or Jim Parsons) on their song from The Muppets, “Man or Muppet,” or a bouncy number from legendary Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes and the nominated song from Rio, “Real in Rio.”

While Deadline reports that the decision to not have musical numbers this year isn’t “locked yet,” it wouldn’t be the first time the Oscar ceremony didn’t have them. (The 61st annual Academy Awards opted out of performances for the Best Song nominees, but did, however, have that now-infamous musical number with Rob Lowe and Snow White.)

Of course, if it were up to Judd Apatow, instead of, say, telecast producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer, it certainly wouldn’t be this way. The writer-director tweeted to the A.V. Club‘s story about the news titled “The Oscars doing their best to make sure you won’t have to listen to any Muppets,” and told followers “we need to start a riot.” The Muppets writer-actor all-around Muppet appreciator Segel re-tweeted the sentiment.

I’m guessing Apatow and Segel are hardly the only ones disappointed at the news. I know I would have loved to have seen McKenzie, perhaps in a cool leather suit, take the Oscar stage with a gaggle of Muppets behind him. (At the very least here’s to hoping McKenzie gets to follow through with having a “drum battle on the red carpet” with Mendes, as he told EW.)

There’s no question that the musical numbers can be a bit of a drag sometimes and that host Billy Crystal will more than likely have his own original numbers on deck, but in the case of having a spirited musicians like McKenzie, Mendes, and — did I mention them? — the Muppets on stage, this would have been a year to legitimately look forward to the performances.

So how should the Oscars fill their time if they do opt to not have musical performances for this year’s ceremony? Well, for starters, they should, at the very least, have the Muppets present an award. I’m keen on the idea of them showing longer clips of the nominated performances and films or allowing winners a little more time for their acceptance speeches. Plus, there’s always time for another montage!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Good riddance to the Best Original Song numbers? (No one needs to see an interpretive dance ever again.) (Except for a Muppets interpretive dance number!) Or was this the worst possible year for them to not do it? What should they do with that extra time in the telecast? Share in the comments section below.

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