By Stephan Lee
Updated February 07, 2012 at 06:50 PM EST
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Mimi Alford, a 69-year-old retired church administrator and former White House intern, is poised to share more than you probably wanted to know about John F. Kennedy. Her memoir Once Upon a Secret: My Affair With John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath (out tomorrow) details her 18-month sexual relationship with JFK, which began when she was only 19 and concluded with his assassination. Alford’s credibility and the shocking nature of her claims have fueled advance interest in the book, and tomorrow night NBC will air her interview with Meredith Vieira. EW’s official take on the book is forthcoming, but in the meantime, here are some of the raciest claims from the memoir according to an excerpt in the New York Post:

  • Alford always addressed JFK as “Mr. President.”
  • The first time she and JFK had sex, it was in the First Lady’s bedroom.
  • At a wild party at Bing Crosby’s desert ranch, JFK made Alford try amyl nitrate — or “poppers,” which raise the heart rate and supposedly enhance sex — against her will. After he held the amyl nitrate under her nose, Alford ran from the room crying.
  • JFK once asked Alford to “take care of,” or perform oral sex, on aide Dave Powers as he watched. Alford complied. The president later apologized to both her and Powers.
  • Later in their relationship, JFK suggested that Alford “take care of” his younger brother Ted Kennedy. This time, Alford flatly refused.
  • After Alford returned to school, JFK continued to call and invite her to Washington, D.C., while Jackie was away, supplying her with chauffeured car rides and plane tickets.