We are less than two weeks away from the annual explosion of insanity that is a new Celebrity Apprentice season. And to make sure you are primed and ready for the Feb. 19 premiere, we have an extended preview right here, including clips from the show and interviews with the cast. Yes, that is a woman bouncing up and down while she “makes it rain” dollars on Clay Aiken. Yes, that is Lou Ferrigno busting out some push-ups in the middle of a task for seemingly no reason whatsoever. And yes, that is Real Housewives of New Jersey star — and I use that word loosely — Teresa Giudice flipping over yet another table. In between these clips we are treated to lots of yelling, tough talk, and, naturally, discussion about throwing people under the bus. Add it all together and you have the makings of another classic Celebrity Apprentice season. Just click on the video player below to enjoy for yourself, and then hit the message boards and let us know whom you’re excited to watch go nuts this year.

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