Brandy And Monica
Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/

More than a decade after topping the charts with “The Boy Is Mine,” Brandy andMonica reunite to deliver their highly anticipated follow-up “It All Belongs To Me,” which has leaked online. No longer fighting over the same man, they’ve matured and are finally ready to kick him to the curb, both broke and naked. Good for them!

When I first heard the announcement of the collaboration, I confess the little girl in me who spent many nights belting “It’s not hard to see / the boy is mine” over my hairbrush was thrilled. Expectations were high.

The pair have reportedly been friends for years, so it’s actually surprising they haven’t laid down a track much sooner. Unfortunately, unlike their ’98 hit, this sleeper isn’t likely to make a major dent in your Most Played list — while it seems to have the right ingredients, strong vocals, and an empowering message, it suffers from watered-down couplets about Facebook and Macbooks and a beat that isn’t quite catchy enough.

In a sense, the duet is Beyonce’s “Irreplacable” with two leads and more juvenile lyrics. This little girl of yesteryear will just keep hoping a better follow-up is in the works. Listen here:

“It All Belongs To Me” will appear on both Brandy’s upcoming album in the spring and Monica’s New Life due April 10.

What are your thoughts on the new duet, readers? Did it live up to the hype?