MAN ON A LEDGE Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks
Credit: Myles Aronowitz

Man on a Ledge

For a film with such a straightforward title, Man on a Ledge turns out to be remarkably convoluted. Poised precipitously atop a high-concept premise, Sam Worthington is an escaped convict attempting to prove his innocence in the most elaborate way possible: He climbs out onto a hotel ledge and creates a suicide spectacle/diversion that allows his brother (Jamie Bell) to steal a diamond from an iniquitous real estate baron played with a perpetual scowl by Ed Harris. It’s all ostensibly part of a master plan, as is his requesting Elizabeth Banks’ beleaguered negotiator, but it feels as if the filmmakers have tried to stuff the plots of too many different movies into a single casing that’s already overflowing with eye-rolling improbabilities. Despite the occasional dumb fun — especially with the heist portions — the leap of logic required to make it all work is enough to leave your brain pancaked on the sidewalk. C

Man on a Ledge
  • Movie
  • 102 minutes