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It’s simple: We eat the Batman.

From the minds that brought you Darth Tater, Elvis the Spud King, and this hellish nightmare comes the newest in a long line of pop culture-themed Mr. Potato Heads: Batspud!

The defender of Gotham comes complete with batarang, utility belt, and a permanent Gilbert Gottfried facial expression. And because this model ties in to The Dark Knight Rises, the Batsuit is noticeably (and thankfully) sans nipples.

You can purchase the toy online for $17.99 and, in no time at all, your 3-year-old will be making guttural noises and screaming, “WHERE IS SHE?!” for a fortnight, at least.

The most shocking bit of news, in my opinion, is that there wasn’t a Batman Potato Head sooner. Surely Playskool stands to better connect with the toddler audience by parodying a popular superhero rather than, say, Spock and Uhura or the Three Stooges, both of which seem to skew toward a demographic slightly significantly older than kindergartners. By that logic, we should expect to see either a Helen Mirren or Jonathan Franzen model just in time for peak summer playdates.

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