In the great Snow White Smackdown of 2012, much attention has been paid to comparing the two films’ rival Snow Whites and Evil Queens. Lost in all the distaff jockeying have been the men of Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, and in that regard, the films are strikingly different.

For one thing, the former doesn’t really even have a huntsman. Instead, Armie Hammer’s Prince Andrew Alcott is the romantic interest for both Mirror Mirror‘s Snow (Lily Collins) and its Evil Queen (Julia Roberts). And as the trailer for Mirror Mirror also makes clear, Nathan Lane’s toadying minion Brighton figures largely in the film, which hits theaters March 30. Relativity Media has just released special posters for both characters, playing off of the film’s bright and light-hearted family film vibe. Check them out below:

An Army of One? Get it?!?

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